Facial Rejuvenation
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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation
Do you have wrinkles, discolorations in your skin, puffy eyes, sagging skin or acne problems?
Are you looking for an alternative to botox treatments or plastic surgery or expensive creams?
Than you should consider Acupuncture, and Facial rejuvenation.
I have treated many patients with Facial rejuvenation treatments and had a great success in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and treating acne. It is not just to make you look younger which it does very well but also to help with other skin problems. Facial acupuncture can be a relatively painless procedure.
 What is the difference in my treatments and other facial rejuvenation treatments is that I use natural Chinese herbs in my treatments. Acupuncture and herbs increase the circulation of Qi and blood to the face, which results in the increase production of collage. When you are young your skin is rich in Qi, blood and collagen. But as we age our circulation of qi and blood decrease along with the production of collagen resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. The treatments also improve your vitality and calm your mind.
What should I expect when I come for my facial rejuvenation treatment?
You will be asked routine questions about your health, physically, emotionally and mentally. You will be asked to remove any makeup and then your skin will be cleaned again. First the needles will be inserted and left for about 30 minutes of the treatment. Followed by a mask made of herbs being applied. After it dries, it is scrubbed off. A facial cream made with herbs will be applied after which gua sha (scraping of the skin with a jade or a smooth natural material) will be performed on your face to increase the blood then a facial massage until all of the cream has been absorbed. And lastly  after rose water is used for a toner on your skin. Vitamin E oil will be applied with Jade Rollers to your face. The treatment is finished off with a reflexology treatment to your hands, feet and head.
How long will the procedure take?
Facial Rejuvenation treatments are a 2-hour appointment.
How many treatments will it take and how long of a treatment period?
It depends on your skin and your health; it can take one or several. It is recommended that you have a treatment twice a week to begin with and then the treatments are tapered to once a week and then every other week until you are reduced to once a month or three months depending on your lifestyle.
What age groups should have facial rejuvenation?
I have worked on a diverse age group of patients from teenagers with acne problems to elderly with severe wrinkling and sagging skin and I have had phenomenal success.
One patient in particular came in treatment for another issue and I treated the patient for acne in addition to the original issue and it was resolved in one treatment, which resulted in all the rest of his family to come to me for facial rejuvenation treatments.
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